wedding season 2016-17

celebrant margaret river anita revelWedding season normally starts off with a trickle in September and ending in May. This season, however, I came home from my three months off, and hit the ground running with four weddings and a funeral — literally — in my first week home. So it appears no season is ever the same, (which is a good thing — it keeps things interesting!)

So as is my custom, here are my impressions and recollections of ceremonies I’ve conducted.

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Yes dear: Famous last words as single men… 50 grooms tell.

groom saying yes dear at boranup forest

Yes dear…

According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase “yes dear” is said by a husband to his spouse when he wants appear agreeable, (even if his internal voice is saying “shut up!”) As in… 

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Funeral Celebrant Margaret River

thoughts from a funeral service

I have spent the last eight years helping couples enjoy one of the most important days of their lives: solemnising their marriage. Now, as I become ever more respectful and in awe of the rites of passages that mark our lives, the time has come to open my heart to embrace the honour and privilege of being a Funeral Celebrant, also.

In my capacity as an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I am not aligned or contracted to any particular Funeral Director or Funeral Home. You can contract me directly to design and conduct the ceremony for your loved one. Ph me on 0417937436 to check my availability to conduct a funeral ceremony in the Margaret River region.

It will be my honour to “hold the space” for you and your guests to remember your loved in a real, meaningful and gentle way. 

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Winner: “Services Industry Award” (South West Business Awards 2014)

business awards winner Anita Revel Celebrant Margaret RiverHoly awesomesauce, I am a business awards winner!

On the evening of 21 June 2014, over 300 people gathered at the Lighthouse Beach Resort in Bunbury to eat, drink and soak up the fabulous vibes of all the doers and achievers.

To be honest, I was in awe of the combined talent in that room, and even felt slightly intimidated that my little business looked like a baby in comparison to some others in the running for Awards. 

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Is there such a thing as a bridezilla? Apparently so…

When people discover I’m a Margaret River Marriage Celebrant, invariably they ask the question, “Oooooh, have you had any bridezillas?”

Celebrant in Margaret River can spot a bridezillaEveryone loves a good bridezilla story, it seems. And why not — one person’s bad behaviour makes our own look saintly!

But I’ve been fortunate. In my five years of being a Celebrant, I’ve only had warm, fun-loving couples.

So I was beginning to believe the “bridezilla” was a myth…

Until, that is, I was voted “Best Celebrant in Margaret River region” for two years running… 

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10 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer Will Love Me

your wedding photographer can relax - I will not photobomb the first kissA bride recently emailed me a list of questions from her wedding photographer, including, “Does your Celebrant know not to stand between you for the first kiss?”


That photographer has obviously worked with some shocker Celebrants to ask a question like that!

Which made me realise, I must be the opposite of a shocker Celebrant, because I have a dozen reasons why every single wedding photographer I’ve worked with, loves working with me!! 

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