Margaret River wedding suppliers are world-class. Here’s why.

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I reckon Margaret River wedding suppliers are the bomb! And here’s why…

To my dear couples… I absolutely support you in creating the day you desire, and that you have every right to choose any supplier you wish for your wedding. But could I possibly draw your attention to the pool of local talent that we have down south, that in my opinion, are world class wedding professionals?

list-of-margaret-river-wedding-suppliersFirstly, there’s a fabulous bunch of us hanging out at Margaret River Bride and Groom, a local directory** that features only local wedding suppliers.

Here you’ll find accommodation options, beauty services, clothing and jewellery designers, catering gurus, a range of venues, and around 18 types of wedding professionals ready to make your day awesome. You could think of it as a “one stop shop” for all your wedding planning needs.

In the Marriage Celebrants section alone, there are 22 polished and professional men and women ready to deliver a beautiful ceremony in the location of your choice. I know most of the ladies in that list, and would even recommend a lot of them! (I’d recommend them if I’m already booked, of course, otherwise, I’m your obvious choice LOL.)

Like me, they are warm, smiley, helpful, and love holding space for you and your fiancé as you exchange your promises to wed. We are supportive of each other, and celebrate the small differences that make us unique. For example:

  • Some of us consciously present our ceremonies from the side in order to avoid photo-bombing. (Some prefer to present from the centre, which is fine too, because this way you have choice — a Celebrant in your wedding photos, or not?)
  • Some of us offer value-adds to couples booking our services. (Many don’t, arguing that their service is valuable enough. Kudos to them!)
  • Some of us take huge care in dressing to match your colour theme or style preference. (Some have a “uniform” style  outfit that they wear to each ceremony, which looks appropriately official and professional, and matches their presentation style.)
  • Some of us have had training in public speaking and stage craft…

… Anyway, I’m digressing.

My point is, that each and every professional on this list, are local to the Margaret River region, and are committed to making your Margaret River wedding the most absolutely amazesauce day ever.

This means they know the area, the conditions, the resources, the weather patterns, the roads, the venues, the other professionals’ working style, where the power points are, what food is in season, the best orientation for the arbor, which local flowers are in bloom, the venue coordinator’s direct phone number, and yes, where the best places are for that spectacular wedding photo that is going to hang on your wall for the rest of your lives.

So yeah, to me, choosing suppliers local to Margaret River makes good wedding planning sense. But that’s just me. At the end of the day, it is your day, and as your Celebrant, I will support you in whatever decisions you make.

Now, I was intending to make a list of the fantastic wedding professionals I have worked with over the last 8 years. But it turns out there are too many awesome peeps to list. So I’m going to throw it over to you, dear reader, to comment below with a link to your favourite local Margaret River wedding supplier. (Links are welcome too.)

Let’s get a big fat word-of-mouth referral fest happening!
Who is your favourite local wedding supplier and why?

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* I’m such a raving fan of local wedding suppliers, the AMR Times ran it as a story.

** (Coast to Country Weddings is another comprehensive directory covering a larger catchment area, FYI.)

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