10 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer Will Love Me

your wedding photographer can relax - I will not photobomb the first kissA bride recently emailed me a list of questions from her wedding photographer, including, “Does your Celebrant know not to stand between you for the first kiss?”


That photographer has obviously worked with some shocker Celebrants to ask a question like that!

Which made me realise, I must be the opposite of a shocker Celebrant, because I have a dozen reasons why every single wedding photographer I’ve worked with, loves working with me!! 

Here they are:

10 (+ a bonus 2) reasons why your wedding photographer will seriously love working with me

Reason #1: I am a professional, full-time Celebrant and I care about your photos as much as your wedding photographer does.

As a hobby photographer myself, (and the President of the Margaret River Camera Club), I know how hard getting a perfect shot is, and how frustrating it is to miss it because of a photo-bomber, talky face or background distraction.

Please let your photographer know that they will have an ally with me as your Celebrant – I want them to get the perfect shot too!

Reason #2: I conduct the ceremony from the side so you don’t get “talky face” ruining your photos.

nobody wants talky face in their wedding photos

For the couples who do want a Celebrant in their shot, don’t worry – there is a short time that I stand with you to assist you with your vow and ring exchange. I do try to keep my presence subtle though – I ensure you two are the centre of attention at all times!

But most of all, I present from the side because a good Marriage Celebrant never lets her couples stand with their backs to their guests.

Reason #3: I have you both facing each other holding hands throughout the ceremony. Sweeeeeeeeeet. And way more photogenic than standing to attention with a talky face in between you both.

Reason #4: I am most definitely not in the first kiss shot, and nor am I in the 2nd or 3rd kiss (to ensure the photographer gets the “1st kiss” shot).

This Celebrant knows NOT to get in the first kiss photo

Reason #5:  I position your hands for the ring exchange so the photographer can actually capture the rings going on.

Reason #6: I step back during the ring exchange so I’m not in the shot.

Reason #7: While your witnesses are signing the register, I position you and your groom by yourselves so the photographer can capture your first conversation as husband and wife.

This is a beautiful photo opp that even some professional photographers overlook!

Reason #8: Sometimes I also change where I stand during the ceremony so the photographer can get options of you facing / looking different ways.

Reason #9: Being a hobby photographer, I see photo opportunities that others would miss.

Like the time the bride was carrying her three-year-old in her arms during the ceremony. When I invited the couple to kiss, I could see the child’s beautiful face resting on her Mum’s shoulder and I thought, “This is a better angle than what the photographer is getting.”

So, I whispered to the photographer to change places. Voila – an amazing photo with bonus “group photo” watching the first kiss!

The photographer, Rae Marie, even texted me that evening to thank me for the heads up!

wedding first kiss - the Celebrant's view
The Celebrant’s view of Karen and Paddy’s first kiss… Recognising a beautiful photo opportunity, I whispered to Rae Marie to “Get this shot!”…

Reason #10: If you and your photographer want an unplugged ceremony, I am happy to support you by making a “No cameras” announcement on your photographer’s behalf.

Bonus Reason #1: I follow protocol.

a good Celebrant does not make her couples stand with their backs to their guests
A good Celebrant does not wear white. That is the bride’s prerogative.

I do not compete with the bride by wearing white. Nor do I wear colours that will clash with the bridal party, or that scream “Look at me!” I also don’t wear low-cut tops with cleavage pouring out. And, I don’t own a muumuu, so you’re safe there too.

I do often wear a flower in my hair, and two times out of 100 I might wear slacks, but other than that, I do my utmost to respect your theme and dress code.


Bonus Reason #2:

I am a professional! 

(Yes, it’s that critical, I have listed this reason twice.)

You’re spending a lot of money on your Big Day – last thing you (or I) want is to end up with crappy wedding photos.

A Celebrant who is not aware of photography principles, or who is unaware of how ridiculous talky face looks, will not get you the same results as a professional Celebrant who does.

Now, if your wedding photographer begins to ask you questions about your Celebrant, just send ’em the link to this article. Do so, and your album will be a 100% talky-face-free zone.

Shine on,
Anita Revel

PS One last photo to keep you laughing 😉 I promise you, I will never do this to you!

wedding officiant photobombs couple's first conversation


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