Quickie wedding days — the new way to elope in Margaret River

Quickie Wedding Days cater to those couples who want to marry fuss-free — no drama, no politics, no expense! It’s like getting married at the Registry Office, only, more personalised and in a relaxed setting.

Lodge your paperwork with me one month out from your wedding, and you could be enjoying a simple ceremony in one of Perth’s most innovative and inclusive cafes, or in a private forest location in Cowaramup, in the Margaret River Region*.

All the essential details are sorted, so all you have to do is rock up, look radiant, and we’ll do the rest.

Get married in a simple, light-hearted ceremony;
in Margaret River;
You choose the date — or join a scheduled Quickie Wedding Day

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What is a Quickie Wedding Day?

A quickie wedding is a marriage that is arranged very quickly, without the stress, fuss or politics that can come with a big wedding.

There are many reasons for a couple to marry in a fuss-free simple way, such as… Couples:

  • want a marriage, not a wedding — they just wanna get married, without the distractions, politics and expense.
  • are heading overseas to get married in Bali, and oops! — didn’t realise they needed to get legally wed in Australia to be formally recognised as married.
  • want to get the legals done and dusted, and have a big party later.
  • are travelling and need to take advantage of the time they have, where they have it!
  • have been engaged for 20 years, and stuff it, if not now, then when?
  • are pregnant, and decide they both want the same surnames on the birth certificate.
  • have been thinking about going to the Registry Office, but decide they’d like something a little more personal and memorable.

Whatever your reason, Quickie Wedding Days are the simplest, most straight-forward and fuss-free way to seal the deal and tie the knot, outside of the Registry Office.


forest wedding margaret river
Photo: Toby Manson

INCLUDED in all Quickie Wedding Days: $1495

  • Celebrant*: Anita Revel, described as modern, light-hearted and genuine;
  • Venue*: By the private forest on a family farm in Cowaramup;
  • Permit: I have booked the venue on your behalf — no extra paperwork required;
  • Extra time: Up to 2 hours to explore the forest / farm for your photos;
  • Guests: Up to 10 guests or thereabouts;
  • Witnesses: if you don’t have your own, two will be provided.

* Margaret River Heartland, the home of the Quickie Wedding Day.

Optional Extras
  • Hair and Make-Up. Many HMU artists are happy to travel to you to shwizz up the glam factor in your home / accommodation.
  • Photographer. I have relationships with many many talented photographers with a range of styles and packages. We are happy to arrange a quote for you if you let us know:
    • Preferred style (eg vintage, candid, landscape, colour-rich, drone etc)
    • How long you’d like them for (eg ceremony only, post-ceremony scenes, all day etc)

modern celebrant perth

Book one of our quickie wedding days — or choose your own date and we’ll tailor one around you

Simply register your interest below, letting me know which date/time you’d like, and I’ll contact you with “Next Steps”.

Alternatively, take part in any of the next scheduled Quickie Wedding Days — scheduled events are published via my Facebook page: Anita Revel Celebrant Margaret River

Note: You will be required to pay in full to reserve your time-slot. This saves me bookkeeping time, which is a saving I pass on to you.

Step 1: Book your date/time. Payment Options…

In a Quickie Wedding, time is of the essence! So, get in touch to get the ball rolling…


Step 2: Lodge your paperwork with your Celebrant

Download the NOIM form here, fill it out, get a qualified person to witness your signatures, then get a copy of your NOIM to me as a top priority.
You can get a copy to me by:

a) Scan / email
b) If time allows, mail the original to PO Box 555, Cowaramup WA 6284

Step 3: Organise your other paperwork

Pack your original NOIM in your suitcase — you will need to give it to me prior to your ceremony! Other documents I will need to sight from you:

  • Original birth certificates and/or
  • Passports
  • If either of you were married before, proof of how that marriage ended

If your birth certificate(s) are not in English, they will need to be translated by a certified NAATI translator.

Step 4: Enjoy!

There are a gazillion gorgeous accommodation options in the Margaret River region. The Margaret River Heartland is in Cowaramup, which has an abundance of chalets, BnBs and AirBnBs. There are also world-class restaurants and wineries nearby for an amazing first meal as newlyweds

modern celebrant

Why Couples Choose a Quickie Wedding

elope margaret river heartland
Sean and Linda surprised their immediate family by bringing them to the forest for a “family photo” and announcing that it was really their wedding. “I didn’t know what I wanted,” said Sean afterwards, “but I know now, that was exactly what I wanted!”
forest wedding circle arbor margaret river
Tam and Robbie didn’t want the stress of a big wedding, and hate being the centre of attention. They just wanted to make a commitment to each other in a relaxed setting. So, they chose a “Quickie Wedding Day” to make their low-key-yet-romantic promises to each other.
elope in margaret river
David and Michelle aren’t into big public displays or being the centre of attention, so getting married in a simple ceremony without any fuss was perfect for them. What made this ceremony extra special was that my son and his wife acted as witnesses. When the bride got teary during her vows (triggering me off!) I turned around and there are the witnesses both crying too! Had to laugh LOL. Soooooo special.

Review from a couple who were married in a quickie wedding ceremony

elope down south celebrant anita revel
My partner and I knew very early on that a wedding wasn’t for us. We both prefer to stay out of the spotlight, and a wedding just didn’t feel ‘right’ for us as a couple. Not to mention the thought of all that planning was more than a little anxiety-inducing! We were lucky our families were so understanding, and we soon started looking into eloping.

It wasn’t long before we found Anita, our celebrant, who herself had eloped and could understand our desire to as well. We chose to have our ceremony at her property in Cowaramup — which also gave us the perfect excuse to plan a holiday to Margaret River!

It was just what we wanted.

On the day we set off from Perth and two hours later, in between brief showers, Anita married us in a field underneath a picturesque tree. The ceremony was quick and meaningful and exactly what we envisioned.

Anita’s son and his wife acted as our witnesses, and everyone was so lovely and warm we were almost sad it was over so quickly!

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to begin our marriage, and to follow it up with five days of food, wine and exploring the south west made it all the more special 🙂

FAQ about our quickie wedding days

Q:  Is it as simple as turning up?
A:  Yes! You need to lodge your NOIM form with me at least one calendar month prior, but that’s the only limitation with regards to “time”.

Q:  How many guests can we have?
A:  We recommend no more than 4 guests (babes in arms are welcome extras), but given this is a “fuss-free” event, there will not be a fuss if you bring a few extra.

Q:  What are the legal requirements?
A:   Just like any regular marriage ceremony, you will need to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form with Anita, at least a calendar month out from your wedding day. I will let you know the rest with my “Next Steps” information.

Q:  Is it accessible for wheelchairs, the elderly etc?
A:  Yes, but give me notice so I can make arrangements.

Q:  How long does this quickie wedding go for?
A:   Each of our couples enjoy 30 minutes each which is made up of legal checks and ceremony. If marrying in Cowaramup, you are welcome to wander the forest for a quick photo or two. If marrying in Perth, you may celebrate with a champagne at one of the cafe tables.

Q: This date of a scheduled Quickie Wedding Day doesn’t suit — can we do it another time?
A:  Sure thing. I can create a Quickie Wedding Day around you! Simply get in touch with your preferred date and time and let’s make this happen.  Alternatively, consider an elopement package and have your choice of location, venue, styling and so on.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: If the couple cancels their booking, any fees paid are not refundable, but can be applied to a future service provided by Anita. If the couple cancels the booking due to circumstances beyond their control (eg Covid-19), 50% of the fees are refundable. If the Celebrant cancels, 100% is refundable, or a replacement Celebrant will be provided.

Q:  I have more questions! Can I contact you?
A:  Yes! Phone me on 0417 937 436 (I’m GMT+8 time zone), use the contact form to ask your question 😀 I’m at your service!!

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