1 Register, 100 Wedding Stories

real life wedding storiesHaving a celebratory drink with a friend following my 100th wedding, I picked up my Marriage Register and smiled.

Flicking through the pages I could tell her a story about each couple I had married — the memories were as fond as they were fast.

“This is more than a book of records. This is a book of 100 wedding stories,” I told her.

“You should write them down,” she suggested.

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10 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer Will Love Me

your wedding photographer can relax - I will not photobomb the first kissA bride recently emailed me a list of questions from her wedding photographer, including, “Does your Celebrant know not to stand between you for the first kiss?”


That photographer has obviously worked with some shocker Celebrants to ask a question like that!

Which made me realise, I must be the opposite of a shocker Celebrant, because I have a dozen reasons why every single wedding photographer I’ve worked with, loves working with me!! 

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