We feel so lucky we had such a cool, cruisey and genuine celebrant to marry us!

Celebrant Anita Revel married Jodi and Dustin on the beach in Busselton

jodi and dustin were married by celebrant Anita Revel at Aqua Resort Busselton

Thanks for everything! We feel so lucky we had such a cool, cruisey and genuine celebrant to marry us!

We are loving being married still giggle when we call each other husband and wife!

Waiting for Rae Marie to send us our wedding pics, but when we get them we will tag you in some. 

Much love,
Jodi (the woman formerly known as Prince ha ha) and Dustin


Getting married on the beach in Busselton

Married on the beach in front of the Aqua Resort, Busselton, Jodi and Dustin had the perfect day for their nuptials.

beach wedding in Busselton by celebrant Anita Revel photos by Rae Marie
Photos by Rae Marie, Dunsborough photographer

As we approached the time for the ceremony to begin, the guests ambled down to the beach and chatted while I got the “boys” comfortable in their positions. This set the scene for the entire ceremony – it flowed beautifully, there were teary moments, and a dash of humour to lighten the mood.

The resort is only metres from the beach, so it was easy for the wedding party to return to the expansive lawned area in front of their accommodation to begin their celebrations.

To book your beach wedding in Busselton, you must obtain a permit from the Shire. All the details and instructions can be found at their website, or phone +618 9781 0383

Thanks again Jodi and Dustin for choosing me as your Celebrant – it is a privilege and a delight to have been a part of your day.