Real-life wedding stories, by a Marriage Celebrant

celebrant anita revel conducts a wedding in Gracetown Anita the CelebrantA Marriage Celebrant’s job is joyous, humbling, uplifting, and… important. ~ Reflections on real-life weddings conducted by Anita the Celebrant.

A good Marriage Celebrant knows each couple’s story; their hopes, their values towards marriage, and perhaps some of their in-jokes to weave subtly into their ceremony.

She is the professional that ensure the marriage is valid, and the artisan that creates and delivers a magical ceremony — one that will be cherished for the rest of their lives. 

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Which Celebrant is right for you? (Quiz)

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The essential moment upon every wedding day pivots, is the moment the bride and groom exchange their vows. Without the vows, after all, there is no exchange of a promise that will see you legally united for life.

So choosing the right Celebrant (or ordained officiant if you’re marrying in a religious institution) is essential if you want your ceremony to be everything you’ve dreamed of.

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