Independent Funeral Celebrant Perth

Funerals are beginning to move into a modern era, where families are choosing to break free from the “traditional”  services offered by mainstream funeral homes. They want their loved one’s final farewell to be meaningful, tailored, and in keeping with their wishes. Or they may want to cut costs and host as much of the ceremony as possible themselves. So, this is where I come in — your Independent Funeral Celebrant.

In my capacity as an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I am not aligned or contracted to any particular Funeral Director or Funeral Home. You can contract me directly to design and conduct the ceremony for your loved one. Going direct will save the middle-man mark-up that Funeral Homes add to a Funeral Celebrant’s fee. My fee starts at $400 — a substantial saving for you and your family. Ph me on 0417937436 to check my availability to conduct a funeral ceremony in Perth.

It will be my honour to “hold the space” for you and your guests to remember your loved in a real, meaningful and gentle way. 

I have only presented a handful of funeral ceremonies so far, but what I’ve learned is, that it’s a huge a privilege to hold the space for a grieving family to cry, laugh, hug, sob… It’s deeply satisfying to be the calm voice during the family’s adjustment to their new life without their loved one in it.

I am more than happy to work with your preferred funeral home and act as your Celebrant….

If you’d like a Celebrant who will approach a funeral as a celebration of life, please ask your preferred funeral home to make contact with me.

Schedule of fees:

  • Simple ceremony, where the family writes the eulogy $400
  • Ceremony, where I write the eulogy in consultation with the family $600
  • Ceremony and on-the-day coordination — case-by-case basis

Fees include travel inside a 40km radius of Perth.

To get to know me a little better, here is a story about the first funeral I ever attended, which was for one of my grooms. (Don’t worry, it’s not macabre… In fact, it’s quite uplifting!) –> Those Things You Wanted To Do

independent funeral celebrant perth

All the best,
Anita Revel, Celebrant Perth