Thanks a million for our wedding, from Belgium!

Hello Anita,

Thanks a million for the wonderful celebration and so much more!

thank you for being our wedding celebrant
Photo by Maz Pedersen, Life Photography

The wedding moment was even better than we had imagined it… an intimate moment on an idyllic location and a text that perfectly expressed our story and our engagement towards each other!

Thanks a lot for saying these perfect words!

Another big thanks for arranging the paperwork to officialize our wedding in Belgium. It went so smoothly that we felt happy like a pig in shit again 😉

And last but not least a big thanks to you and your family for the nice moments spending together. We’ll never forget the awesome flight the night before our wedding, the delicious dinner and getting the opportunity to be introduced in the real ‘Aussie farm life‘ after our wedding 😉

It was a roller caster of unforgettable moments (especially the flight) and we liked it!

Thanks a million!
Roxy & Niki

An interesting side note about Roxy and Niki’s wedding…

I was staying in Brussels for two nights to watch an Australian friend, Prita, play a live gig. When I got back to the hotel, I found an email from Roxy and Niki asking about paperwork to get married in Australia.

“I’m in Brussels right now!” I emailed back, and within 10 minutes we’d arranged to meet in my hotel foyer the next morning.

I printed out what paperwork we needed to get the ball rolling and voila, within minutes, they were lodged with their NOIM and well on their way to having a joyous, easy wedding ceremony on the beach in Oz.

“This is a great service you have!” joked Niki.

“I aim to please,” I replied, so happy that I could make someone’s wedding journey that much easier.

How’s that for coincidence?

Shine on!
Anita Revel CMC