Anita Revel is one of Australia’s most natural, innovative, and modern Celebrants.

Her ceremonies and elopements are light-hearted, authentic, meaningful and memorable.

In 2019 she was voted best female Celebrant in Western Australia, and has won awards for her original ideas and techniques.

My name is Anita Revel… I love love love being a Marriage Celebrant in Western Australia, where I have been helping couples tailor their wedding ceremonies since 2008.

It might be worth knowing that I’m a career Celebrant — I live, breathe and dream weddings.

I have answered this calling because I love love… I love being of service…

I love the satisfaction of seeing a couple beam from ear-to-ear as I pronounce them officially married.

This career ticks every box for me, and I think this passion and natural affinity shines through whether I’m meeting with couples, or presenting their ceremony.

My Values

My life values are beauty, truth and respect.

(I had to whittle them down from about 300, so I reckon I did pretty good!)

But basically, this means that every choice I make, and every relationship I build, is based on my willingness to treat others as I wish to be treated. It’s an ancient philosophy, and the foundation message of most religions.

Think “namaste” — the divine in me see the divine in you.

I see your beauty. I see your fragility. I see your worries. I see your quiet strengths, (and your obvious ones too). And I’m here to meet you in that space, where we can find rapport and be comfortable sharing everything that matters to you.

Because when we’re standing together at the top of that aisle, and you’re saying the words that will change your life forever, I want you to know that I am here for you.

You can do this, because you are supported, and you are safe.

I see you, and I’ve got you.

Who Are My Clients?

  • Salt-of-the-earth, genuine realists who love a bit of boho, adventure and romance mixed in.
  • Life affirmers who like to “keep it real”.
  • Anti-over-thinking, and not a fan of pompous formality.
  • Sense of humour might be a little left-field. (Bring it LOL)
  • Discerning, and willing to pay a premium for that X-factor that makes their ceremony unique and next-level special, that makes them look good.

Anita Revel Celebrant Makes It Easy

Using my step-by-step ceremony planning kit, couples are able to craft their dream ceremony to suit their personalities. I provide templates and samples so it’s very easy to craft your own personalised ceremony.

From intimate elopements to grand affairs in front of hundreds of guests, I’ve loved creating and performing each unique ceremony.

I love my job!

One word of warning… I always get teary as the bride appears and I hear the groom breathe out a “wow!”, so if you don’t want tears of happiness at your ceremony, don’t book me! Ha ha 😉

One of the things I love most about my ceremonies is that I get a huge buzz from presenting the newlyweds to their guests for the very first time. There is something very special about introducing “Mr and Mrs…” (or “Mrs and Mrs” or “Mr and Mr”!!) to their community, and seeing the look on the couple’s faces as they hear their  new status in life for the first time.

I also have a way of introducing the ceremony that makes the guests instantly relaxed. It’s like waving a magic wand — I say these words and everyone visibly relaxes and begins smiling. It makes my heart all melty-melty that I can create this ambience for my couples.

On every single occasion, at each and every wedding, I have always felt privileged and honoured to be a part of each couple’s day.

And my couples love me 😀

One of the most common things I hear after each ceremony is how well I seem to know each couple. This is, in part, because I have great rapport with my couples, but also because my couples are awesome, and I love going the extra mile to help them enjoy their ceremony.

I thank you in advance for choosing me to be a part of yours.

Ceremony Locations

Anita is a popular celebrant in the south west of western australia

I’ve conducted some gorgeous ceremonies so far in some stunning locations in the south west, so am building a fantastic catalogue of suggestions… e.g.

  • the manicured lawns of world-class wineries,
  • amongst the flowers in secret gardens,
  • on the sand of hidden coastal coves;
  • under the canopy of forest groves;
  • pretty much all of the wild surf beaches;
  • on board a small plane for a mile-high wedding;
  • in the private forest on our farm;
  • to a simple exchange of “I do” on the hotel balcony…

… just let me know your dream and I’m happy to offer ideas.

On the quirky-wedding scale, I’ve even dressed as a pirate for a zombie-pirate Halloween wedding, climbed the Gloucester Tree in Pemberton and married a couple at the top, scaled down to the bottom of Lake Cave and hitched a couple by the lake’s edge, and launched a marriage from the rocketship at the Circus Festival in Karridale.

Either way, (under a tree or up it, by a lake or in it, on the ground or in the air),  I’m here to help.

Shine on,
Anita Revel CMC
Ph 0417 937 436

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