You were totally cool and relaxed Celebrant

married in yallingup by celebrant anita revel

Celebrant at Yallingup Tea Gardens

Anita, thank you for being a part of our day, it was magical and we didn’t want it to end.

And you – Ms Revel, were so super wonderful… 

We had so much going on and still had a few versions of the vows up in the air till the very, very end. 

It blew us away how totally cool and relaxed you were about receiving them last minute. You just took it in your stride and had them all ready and printed for us at the rehearsal within an hour or so – including your recommendations on how to make it flow just that little bit better.

You really are a gem!!

We have had a lot of comments, especially from the wedding party, about how much they loved you too.

Attached are some pics from the ceremony (promise no talking face just your gorgeous sincere smile!! 😉

Bless you hun, you made our day.

Take care and stay in touch, 

Mr and Mrs Smitham xx
~ Married at Yallingup Studio Pavilion

married at Yallingup Tea Gardens by Celebrant
Image by Roger Clark of Envy Photography

Does it matter where a Celebrant stands?

Traditionally, back when weddings were held in Churches, the couple stood at the altar with their backs to their guests, while the priest stood between them. With the freedom for self-expression offered via a civil ceremony, however, the couple and the Celebrant can stand wherever they like!

Some Celebrants have kept the “Priest” style of presenting a ceremony. Personally I don’t like this style for three reasons:

  1. I don’t want to risk “talky face” ruining the couple’s wedding photos;
  2. I believe the guests are here to witness the couple exchanging their vows – not to watch an Official gabbing on; and
  3. I love making eye contact with the guests, engaging them in the procedings, and letting them be drawn further into the heart-space created by the ceremony. Standing between the couple means I can’t see the guests, and I’m talking through the couple’s space instead of letting them be in it together.

I know of at least one Celebrant who stands between the groom and the best man. She does this so that she can make eye contact with the guests, and also because it allows the photographer to take shots of the couple on their own.

Most modern Celebrants that I know, however, present the ceremony from the side. You can see in the photo above that I am standing at the end of the groomsmen. It lets me face the guests and connect with them during the ceremony, or face the couple when I am addressing them directly.

It also lets the photographer capture the couple being in their space, close and connected, together forever.

Photographers love me for it, and when the couples get their photos back, they do too.

There are no hard-and-fast rules where a Celebrant stands, though, so if you want me to stand somewhere else, just say the word! I am at your service xx

Shine on,
Anita Revel