A beautiful service in Hamelin Bay (how was the weather?!)

The weather cleared in time for Anita and Chris' wedding ceremony

Dear Anita,

We were so happy with all you did for our special day at Hamelin Bay.

You truly were the perfect person and your guidance and help was invaluable. 

We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful service you conducted on the day.

Thanks again!

Chris and Anita Denholm
~ Married at Hamelin Bay 2013

Despite the weather, the wedding went ahead

When I arrived at Hamelin Bay on the morning of 5th October, I was feeling a bit nervous for Anita and Chris — the weather was appalling! Storm clouds and drizzle made the Indian Ocean look angry and grey, and it made me feel to-the-bone cold.

But then I remembered…

I’m the Celebrant with a gift for clearing the weather!

(Or is it really a super power? Or perhaps it’s neither, and it’s just my lucky umbrella, ha ha!)

This is what the scene looked like when I arrived.

the weather was ominous for the wedding

And, this is what it looked like 10 minutes later.

Celebrant Anita Revel is lucky with the weather for her weddings

Isn’t that line in the sky incredible?? The clouds literally went away!

Anyway, thankfully for Chris and Anita, they ended up with beautiful blue skies for their wedding ceremony, and the loveliest turquoise water in their wedding photos.

My favourite weather resources

I have a few places and ways to check what the weather is going to do, but here are just three of my favourite resources.

  1. The good old BOM — the Bureau of Meteorology — the site is a bit clunky to get around, but having the Margaret River weather forecast bookmarked helps.
  2. Elders Weather is very easy to get the weather forecast by entering a postcode (Margaret River is 6285, Busselton 6280). It is quick to load a 7-day forecast with quick links to other nearby towns — handy if a change of wedding venue is being considered.
  3. I follow the WA Weather Group on twitter because I can ask any question and I’m confident to get an answer within the hour. They’re a great bunch of savvy and friendly weather fans who are happy to share what they know.

 The weather in the south west

One of the most common question international couples ask me is, “What’s the weather doing when we want to get married?”

In a nutshell:

  • November and March are fantastic months to get married — I can do up to four weddings a day during these months, so do book early.
  • Summer is hot, so provide water and shade for your guests. (Summer hits in December and often lasts well into March.)
  • September and October can be hit-and-miss with the weather if winter wants to hang on a bit longer.
  • April is an elegant time to get married, but no strappy dresses or you’ll feel the chill.
  • May is cool.
  • June, July and August rock for elopements — you can get married at your hotel, or duck outside for a garden wedding if the weather is clear.

Got it? 

OK… get on it — contact me sooner rather than later if you’re thinking of marrying in March or November!

(And of course, contact me for any other time of the year also, ha ha.)

Shine on,