Last-minute ceremony and surprise wedding

surprise wedding testimonial

A surprise wedding with just three days notice…

Linda and I called Anita on a Thursday morning in November and asked if she could marry us on Saturday in a short “surprise wedding” ceremony in our Margaret River vegie garden.

She found time between her other commitments and provided us with a unique commitment ceremony created in a very short time and with limited information about us.

Anita helped us maintain the surprise by posing as a neighbour when she arrived.

Although the ceremony was very simple, Anita made the whole experience very personal and meaningful, as well as a great deal of fun for us, our families and a few other guests.

She followed up with the legal side of things after the requisite notice period, and made that fun too.

Thanks Anita.

Rob and Linda Lister,
Margaret River

surprise wedding in vegetable garden

Want a surprise wedding? Here’s what you need to know…

    1. Get your paperwork in at least one calendar month beforehand. You can download your NOIM form from the Attorney General’s website. You can either sign it in person when we meet, or if time is running out, have anyone listed on page 4 to witness your signatures then get a copy to me by:

a) Fax +618 97 555 902
b) Scan / email
c) Photo / MMS to 0417 937 436
d) Mail the original to PO Box 555, Cowaramup WA 6284

2. Yes, the guests are allowed to be surprised by the wedding ceremony, but your spouse-to-be can’t. You must both be aware and willing to alter your legal status to “next of kin”…

3. Get your legals and ceremony sorted with your Celebrant, and you’re ready to rock up on your Big Day and tie the knot!


Pick a date/occasion that works for you. Don’t be persuaded to change it because it doesn’t suit a few friends. If they can’t be there for your 40th birthday / house-warming / baby naming, that’s OK — it means they can’t be there for your wedding either. This might sound tough, but you’ll never find a date that suits everyone, so go with what’s right for you.

Ask your Celebrant to park around the corner, especially if they’re driving a car with “Celebrant” decals all over it!

Have a story worked out with your Celebrant — the first ever surprise wedding I did, I was introduced to guests as “the stripper”… Ever since, we now have a more viable story worked out beforehand LOL.