A guide for spirited brides: “Princess For a Day, Goddess For Life”

Princess for a day, goddess for life

advice book for brides, shine on your wedding day and forever afterThis practical guide is designed for every bride’s transitional wellbeing from single life to happy wife.

The inspiring health, attitude and empowerment advice will help you breeze through the most important ceremony of your life – and beyond!

  • Paperback: 102 pages
  • Publisher: Now Age Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-922165-04-6
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Princess For a Day, Goddess For Life.


Whether barefoot on the beach or decked out in bling, every bride is a princess on her wedding day. It is her Big Day after all, when she gets to live happily ever after with her very own Prince Charming.

But what happens once the last champagne cork has popped and the dress is at the dry-cleaners?

Many a bride will tell you of the anti-climax – the post-wedding blues, where becoming a “Mrs” was not everything they expected.


Beat the blues with this guide designed for every bride’s transitional wellbeing. The practical health, attitude and empowerment advice will help you breeze through the biggest ceremony of your life – and beyond!

Become responsible for your own thoughts, reactions and expectations. Learn how to “self soothe” during the stressful times of planning a wedding. And, be confident to take these valuable skills into the rest of your relationship too.

Follow “the Rules” to shine on your wedding day, and forever after!

“This is a wonderful, light, humour filled guide that will resonate with brides to be and give them the navigation skills to build a stronger, more resilient relationship.”

~ Nic Freeman, Family Therapist

Table of contents

Princess For a Day

The Way of the Happy Bride
Beating the Post-Wedding Blues
Attitude Rules
Self-Centering Techniques
Self-Appreciation Techniques
Self-Motivation Techniques
Body Rules
Real Food

Goddess For Life

Goddess Rules
Be Present……
Feel the Flow……
Know Thy Self……
Love Fearlessly……
Speak the Truth……
See Beauty……
Understand Bliss…

Another Original Wedding Blessing by Anita Revel

Right Now, Right Here

This is a piece I wrote for my couples that has since been made into a song. (Check out Prita Grealy on iTunes.) It is my pleasure to include the full prose here – something 
I normally reserve as an “exclusive” for my couples.

Right now, right here; this moment is the culmination of a thousand moments – ordinary ones, magical ones, memorable ones, and perhaps ones that you’d rather forget!

Embrace them all, for it is the mix of all these moments that has made your relationship strong and deep enough to be here today.

Right now, right here; your relationship is entering a new phase. Who knew at the first glance it would lead to this moment of commitment? Deep down inside, I believe you both knew it!

Between that first moment and now, you have been co-travellers through life learning to trust each other, depend on one another, learn from each other, and love one another.

All of your experiences, your adventures, your dreams and your promises have been as individuals forging ahead, side-by-side.

But right now, right here; you will exchange promises that are 
a way of saying, “I still want to do all these things with you, 
but not as your boyfriend or girlfriend, or partner. I will do them as your husband; your wife.”

Enjoy this moment Bride and Groom, for it is no doubt one of the magical ones you will want to keep forever!

With love,
Anita Revel