Getting married: first steps, (and getting it right!)

Getting married in Australia is easy with guidance from the right Celebrant…

couples getting married come to me puzzled about the process, but leave smiling and empoweredMany couples ask me, “This is our first time – we have no idea what to do!” Never fear. I’ve lots of experience with helping couples feel at ease, (empowered, even!) with planning their ceremony and ensuring their nuptials are legal.

Step 1: Book your Celebrant!

Getting the right Celebrant that matches your personalities is paramount for a memorable day. (Memorable as in, HAPPY memories, not traumatic ones LOL).

Your Celebrant will be able to give you exactly the right advice and direction for completing the appropriate paperwork to ensure your marriage is legal.

Good Celebrants will also be able to guide you through the ceremony planning so you end up with exactly the style of ceremony you ask for.

Step 2: Getting the ceremony right

If you’re wanting a larger scale, personalised wedding, I will provide you with a step-by-step ceremony planning kit that makes your ceremony planning an absolute breeze.

Alternatively, if you want something low-key and intimate, I have the perfect ceremony already written for your situation. It is so beautiful some couples even choose it for their larger weddings!

And yet another option is to elope! I have a few elopement packages here that are proving to be enormously popular. Budget-friendly, without the frills, but highly personalised and every bit as professional as a large wedding.

Step 3: Getting the legals right

So that’s the ceremony sorted… now for the legalities. To marry legally in Australia, according to Australian law, marriage is legal when:

  • it is between a man and woman,
  • both parties are unmarried,
  • both parties are over 18 years of age,
  • the ceremony is conducted by an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant.

To proceed with your paperwork, please download a copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage from the Attorney General’s website. Fill out as much of this as you can, and bring it with you to our first meeting. This paperwork must:

  • be lodged with me at least one month and one day prior to your wedding day,
  • be supported by original documents including your birth certificate, proof of how your previous marriage was terminated (if applicable), a photocopy of photo ID (if you want to order an official marriage certificate to change your name).

Contact me with a brief outline of what you imagine your wedding day to be, and your preferred date and location, and I will get back to you with my fees and availability.

With love,
Anita Revel

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