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I have spent the last eight years helping couples enjoy one of the most important days of their lives: solemnising their marriage. Now, as I become ever more respectful and in awe of the rites of passages that mark our lives, the time has come to open my heart to embrace the honour and privilege of being a Funeral Celebrant, also.

In my capacity as an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I am not aligned or contracted to any particular Funeral Director or Funeral Home. You can contract me directly to design and conduct the ceremony for your loved one. Ph me on 0417937436 to check my availability to conduct a funeral ceremony in the Margaret River region.

It will be my honour to “hold the space” for you and your guests to remember your loved in a real, meaningful and gentle way. 

It took me this long to step up as a Funeral Celebrant because I’m such a softy. I’ve got a big, gooey warm heart. After 8 years of watching brides walk down the aisle, I still get teary. I was afraid that if I’m still crying at weddings, I’d be a mess at funerals. But since conducting a couple of funeral ceremonies, I now see what a privilege it is to hold the space for a grieving family to cry, laugh, hug, sob… And since these experiences, it’s now something I’m called to do.

If you’d like a Celebrant who will approach a funeral as a celebration of life, please ask your preferred funeral home to make contact with me.

In the meantime, here is a story about the first funeral I ever attended, as a Celebrant, which was for one of my grooms. (Don’t worry, it’s not macabre… In fact, it’s quite uplifting!)

Those things you wanted to do? (Thoughts from a funeral service)

18 months ago, I attended a funeral for one of my wonderful grooms. His wife of 15 months wore her wedding dress, and described her wedding day as the happiest day of both their lives.

Of course I sobbed. I cried for her sad loss, but also for gratitude that I had the privilege of being involved during the happiest day of their lives.

Arthur was a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy, with a quirky sense of humour (which I loved) and a deep, generous love for his family. I am grateful for having met him, for I was reminded today of the things that are important in this life:

* Tell the ones you love, how much you love them. Then tell them again, and open your heart wider and deeper than it ever has been before to let their love in and even more of your love out.

* Laugh, a LOT. And cuddle too. Cuddling is good because it lets your loved one feel in their body what you say in your words.

* Do what you’re good at. You have been given your talents for a reason, so go ahead, share your light with the world.

* Let the little things go. They’re merely distractions. Focus instead on what makes your heart sing — your family, laughter, mateship, hobbies, following your purpose, having adventures and leaving a kick-ass legacy of warmth, generosity, love and a life fulfilled.

But most of all, I learned the value of time, and priorities…

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should do them!

thoughts from a funeral celebrant margaret river

Arthur, you are gone in body but for as long as your Spirit lingers and your stories are shared amongst your family, friends and those countless people you inspired and helped, you live on.

With love,

Anita Revel
Celebrant Margaret River


2 thoughts on “Funeral Celebrant Margaret River

  1. There aren’t adequate words to describe the heartfelt gratitude I feel for how you helped farewell my “forever after” and the father of my sons. You did an amazing job that not only did justice to who he was, but left an imprint on the many mourners there too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love…. Laura x x

    1. Thank you so much Laura. It was the greatest honour holding the space for you and your family during your Forever After’s farewell. I was deeply touched by the respect and admiration his whole community had for him. I am forever grateful to you for trusting me with this role. Love back to you, by the bucket load xx Anita

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