A beautiful way to pronounce a couple’s marriage…

pronouncement of marriage

Pronouncement of Marriage …

It’s good to know that although I’ve conducted almost 200 wedding ceremonies, I am still  developing and incorporating “new material” into my work.

Like this new “Pronouncement of Marriage” that I crafted for Ivan and Lisa recently.


Pronouncement of Marriage

Before I pronounce you married partners, I have just one more thing I want you to do.


Your wedding day is filled with emotion, friends, promises, hope, rings and dances.


Many people here will remember their own wedding day, and how fleeting it was. So we’re going to slow down a bit now, and take pause to soak up the moment, right now and right here.


Look now into each others’ eyes: gently, easily, and softly. Think about the happiness that you’re feeling in this place, in this moment. Really let that feeling register in your heart, your mind, and in every cell of your body.


Now, promise yourselves that you will remember this feeling. During your marriage, draw strength from it during tough times, and let it nourish you even more in times of joy.


And now it is time for me to declare you married. From today your family, friends, community, and indeed the whole world, will know you as co-travellers through life, adventurers, soul-mates, husband and wife!

~ By Anita Revel

Ceremonies by Anita Revel CMC

This blessing was written for Lisa and Ivan, my 199th wedding ceremony! I tailored it to them, to incorporate their story, but the version published here is a great starting point for your own pronouncement of marriage.

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