Yes dear: Famous last words as single men… 50 grooms tell.

groom saying yes dear at boranup forest

Yes dear…

According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase “yes dear” is said by a husband to his spouse when he wants appear agreeable, (even if his internal voice is saying “shut up!”) As in… 

Hannah: Dave, you never do the washing up, it’s your turn tonight.
Dave (aloud): Yes dear
Dave (Internal monologue): Shut up. I’m going to the pub.

When a man says, “Yes dear!” it could be that he was only half-listening, or he is avoiding an argument, or maybe he just meant “beer” instead of “dear”.

Personally, as a wife, I love hearing “Yes dear” from my hubby. It is a surefire way to keep the marriage a smooth-sailing event. Don’t argue with me, and I’m a happy wife. And as another popular saying goes: Happy wife, happy life!

So yeah, I’m a fan of the “Yes dear”.

So anyway, a couple of years ago, I came up with the idea of filming my grooms saying these two magical words, with the intention to stitch all the footage together and calling the movie “The two words for a successful marriage”.

Here is the result so far, featuring 50 grooms and their last words as single men…

A huge thanks and shout-out to my grooms who were good sports and agreed to participate in this little creative project. You all rock! Keep smiling, and never forget the magic in these words for keeping the peace at home 😀

(And so I can’t be accused of stereotyping or gender bias… Wives… it doesn’t hurt to say it in return too, sometimes! It’s a quick and easy way to keep the peace occasionally — try it!) *wink wink*

I am still conducting weddings around the Margaret River region, and still filming my grooms, so there will be more footage at the end of this season. I’ve also got another creative project underway which I’ll reveal in May 2017, fingers crossed. Stay tuned happy campers!

Shine on!
~Anita Revel

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